QuEST Global’s AR360 is an end-to- end customized Augmented Reality (AR) solution designed to enable enterprise workforce to enhance productivity. The solution allows users to accelerate digital workflows through the AR app for smartglasses and mobile devices. The content management portal allows you to instantly update the AR app with new workflows and content. We bring in an immersive AR experience by developing content using 3D modeling and animation.

Solution Components

  • Mobile App
  • QuEST AR360

Mobile or smartglass-based AR app for end-users to view workflows, and step-by-step instructions. Key features include:

  • User Management
  • Remote Assistance
  • 3D Explore Mode
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Analytics
  • Live Mode
  • Procedure Checklist
  • Enterprise Integration

Web-based drag-&-drop tool for managing AR content consumed by device application. This comes with the following key features:

  • User Management
  • SDK for app Integration
  • Admin Portal
  • Preview & Publish
  • Content Management
  • Analytics
  • Recognition Service

Use Cases

Equipment Maintenance

  • Procedural guidance to Field Service
  • Remote Assistance
  • Checklist & Reporting

Product Brochures

  • Bring product manuals, brochures to life
  • Enhance product promotion
  • Engaging experience for customers

Workforce Training

  • Immersive Training with 3D Animation
  • Complex modules easy to understand
  • Enable self-learning anytime, anywhere

Consumer Self-Service Apps

Self-help app for consumer products

Handy visual guide in the form of AR


Mobile App

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