The core of almost all new-age products and experiences be it autonomous cars or smart cities, intelligent assembly lines or smart grids, embedded technology is ubiquitous. 

Consumers are increasingly looking for personalized, anytime, anywhere service - a phenomenon which was earlier only integral to industries like Mobile and CE, but now prevalent across almost all industrial segments. 

To adapt to such emerging scenarios, it is imperative for companies to have agile development and faster release cycles. 

QuEST: Delivering embedded engineering services across the spectrum

QuEST's deep expertise in embedded product engineering is based on two complementary pillars embedded software engineering and niche digital capabilities across AI/DL/ML and IoT. 

This enables us to help our clients create innovative connected devices, smart edge systems and solutions for a wide range of global businesses at a quicker pace and significantly lower costs.


Industries we cater to

Making the transition to incorporate the next wave of embedded intelligence can challenge even the most established industry leaders. QuEST’s customer-focused approach ensures that customers can deliver enhanced embedded products and solutions seamlessly, at scale.

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