At QuEST, we support new product development initiatives, product modification to fulfil new orders, improvement initiatives for products in service, investigate problems, and suggest alternative design solutions. QuEST’s design solutions have helped OEMs to reduce cost and weight while improving performance of products, resolve high field failures, use better material and optimize manufacturing process.


QuEST’s Mechanical Product Engineering support spans across the entire spectrum

QuEST has mechanical product design expertise in aircraft structure and systems, Automobile body and power trains, drilling equipment for oil and gas, industrial products, rotating equipment, rail locomotives, rolling stock, and medical equipment

Our Capabilities

Mechanical Component Design

CAD Modelling / Drafting, Piping & Harness

Engineering Change /Non-Conformance Assessment

Plant Engineering / Process Engineering

Knowledge Based Engineering

Cost Engineering

System / Sub System Design

Plant Engineering / Process Engineering

Industries we cater to

QuEST Mechanical Product Engineering provides solution globally across Aerospace & Defense, Rail, Power, Energy, Healthcare and Oil & gas industries

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