QuEST’s experienced team specializes in comprehensive engineering analysis using a number of techniques ranging from classical methods such as stress justification and strength tests to Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Thermal analysis and advanced computational fluid dynamics or CFD. QuEST helps its customer overcome inconsistent and underperforming designs, unnecessary redesigns, longer development time and wasted resources for rework, longer product release, critical failures, and safety issues by providing extensive engineering analysis to give customers the right insights to avoid such issues arising out of poor design. 


QuEST’s Engineering analysis support spans across the entire spectrum

QuEST has engineering analysis expertise in aircraft structure and systems, automobile body and power trains, drilling equipment for oil and gas, industrial products, rotating equipment, rail locomotives and rolling stock.

Our Capabilities

Fluid Analysis/CFD

Structural Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Performance Analysis

Hand Calculations

Industries we cater to

QuEST engineering analysis provides solutions globally across Aerospace & Defense, Rail, Power, Energy, Healthcare, and Oil & gas industries.

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