For companies to truly transform to a digital-first business, it is software differentiation is a prerequisite alongside things like innovative applications and providing experiences at speed and scale. By integrating testing and automation frameworks ahead of time in the overall SDLC, clients can ensure quality across all products and solutions.


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Total quality assurance partner for one of the top 3 HiFi device manufacturer with specialized offshore labs that resulted in 20% less defects via automation

Medical Devices



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QuEST leverages its accelerator frameworks, deep domain knowledge of a wide range of tools and provides testing solutions to enterprises in embedded systems domain including hardware jigs (HIL).

By combining in-house licensable tools and frameworks, we help to accelerate testing processes and reduce manual efforts. We leverage proprietary open-source backed frameworks and custom blue-prints for staged DevOps adoption and tool chains for both software and embedded systems. We

  • Develop custom electro-mechanical fixtures and FBGA-based test beds to test embedded systems for reliability and performance
  • Our testing frameworks & accelerators also comprise of other tools like Test Centre Management Platform, Closed Loop Testing with Computer Vision and AI based HMI Test Automation Platform.

QuEST has developed an in-house intelligent, multi-platform test automation tool that enables clients meet the multi-faceted needs and challenges intrinsic to their digital transformation journey.

Key Features of the platform:

  • Built by customizing open source tools
  • Accelerates test automation in desktop, firmware, web and mobile platforms
  • Is a continuous testing platform aligned with DevOps

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