Accelerate your AI Transformation Journey with QuEST & NVIDIA

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the game-changer for every business. However, for business leaders, choosing the precise AI strategy, tool or solution can be a challenge, particularly with the market flooded with a multitude of AI products and solutions.


The AI Ideation Workshop with QuEST aims to bring structure to the ‘art of the possible’ and accelerate your journey of AI adoption and advance the conversation around available options for speeding up your most strategic AI initiatives. This workshop is tailored to address business challenges and will be the first step in the development of a comprehensive data strategy and AI roadmap.


In 2017, QuEST was one of the first companies worldwide, to be selected for the NVIDIA Deep Learning Consulting Partnership Program. As part of this workshop, your business leaders & key executives will spend a day with Elite-level certified AI experts, data scientists and subject matter experts from QuEST who have rich industry experience. Get questions answered, learn new insights, and receive expert opinions on your AI plans.


Objectives Of The Workshop

The workshop is designed to engage both, technical and non-technical individuals across the business to generate insights and strategies to leverage AI for an organization’s strategic priorities. Workshop participants can expect a highly interactive session designed to understand individual problem statements, define solutions, and explore applicable technologies.


We encourage your key stakeholders who are looking to apply or expand AI within their organization, to be a part of the workshop:


  • Business Leaders & non-technical executives
  • AI Engineers & Data Scientists
  • Product Managers,  IT Leaders & Digital Leaders

  • Range of topics explored in the workshop
  • Key Features

  • AI Use Case Exploration & Prioritization
  • Data Strategy To Support Use Cases
  • Infrastructure/ Architecture Recommendations
  • Skills Assessment & Roadmap Planning

  • Single Day Virtual or Physical  Workshop
  • Tailored per customer
  • Elite-Level Experts Involved
  • Receive a custom AI roadmap

The AI Workshop In Action

The QuEST AI workshop allowed our team to explore concrete ways of leveraging AI to improve the performance of our manufacturing process. We were able to identify AI feasible PoC use cases with a solid ROI potential that are now deployed in production resulting in significant productivity boost and cost savings.” - F50 Industrial OEM participating in the AI Ideation Workshop

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