HVAC sub-system engineering is a niche skill for QuEST. It is the system designed for passenger comfort and the driver cab. The OEM has technical and commercial challenges in HVAC design.

Based on the geographical climate conditions range identification (min/max) we gauge the HVAC performance and define the HVAC cooling capacity. This capacity gives the idea for the bought out component lead time for components like Compressor, Evaporator, etc. Weight optimization is a major challenge for OEMs as they are transiting from steel to aluminum, to even roof mounted HVACs.

Customers also have limited resources in the product engineering team. The project budget limits the number of system engineers as compared to the number of projects. Due to lack of experts, OEMs approach engineering service providers to augment service support with our expert engineers.

Designing for exact fitment is the challenge OEMs face for HVACs. To build as per the exact dimensions & specifications to fit in one go, OEMs need a coordinator for all the suppliers. Thatu2019s where QuEST comes in.

As suppliers we gather all the previous documents from the OEM and based on the climatic condition range we develop the Scope of Work.

Essentially QuESTu2019s job is two-fold. Firstly, because HVAC is a built-to-spec component we are supporting the writing of specifications. We do it in two ways. Firstly, assist the customer to ensure that a specification develops and optimum cost and an optimum weight, energy saving and vibrationless system. To do that, we also coordinate with the suppliers as well with the specifications to ensure that all of these are environmentally safe and low maintenance. 

As a pioneer in the field of engineering solution providers for rolling stock HVAC sub system, QuEST has already supported a major railways giant for multiple projects. All our solutions assure as a First time right (FTR), with a customer centric approach. QuEST deliverables are most affordable cutting-edge techniques to meet customer global requirements in the field of HVAC sub system developments.

The standards and certifications we adhere to are:

Fire & smoke specification: BS 6853 ; DIN 5510 ;  NF F 16-101; EN 45545
Vibration and shock: EN 61373:2010
EMC: EN 50121-3-2:2006; EN 55011:2007/A2; EN 61000-4-2/6
The standard for passenger cooling: EN 14750
The standard for driver cab cooling: EN 14813

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