We have started to work on the sub-system engineering of the automatic or passenger or emergency doors. Itu2019s all about system engineering support. It basically consists of support on design description document. Managing the requirements management is also important because this is where we have the verification and regular follow-ups being done and we also cater to the special needs of the customer through this. There is also something called communicating and getting the feedback from the supplier with regular follow-ups and generating progress reports as part of the system engineering support. Then we are also involved in the change request management and modifications that come for reliability. Along with system engineering support, we also support OEMs on TCMS integration of the doors.

Testing is one the key things to support as a system engineer because writing the test reports, homologation or certification reports because it goes through some compliance requirements as doors involve passenger safety.

There is something called open items list which is also interfaced with various other sub-system engineers. There are many things that need to be closed while in the design process

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