With the average lifespan of a train currently being 30-35 years, obsolescence and the need for refurbishments to keep pace with the changing legislation, technology and passenger expectations are a challenge for every manufacturer and operator fleet.

Timely refurbishment and modifications of the rolling stock fleet with a focus on quality, maintenance and service optimization are key for operators competing with road traffic for passenger and freight transport in reducing costs and increasing safety and reliability.

The demand for shorter travel times, increased frequency and punctuality in addition to a limited capacity in parts of the railway system, puts great emphasis on the reliability of the rolling stock. 

With a team of highly skilled and qualified personnel, QuEST consistently provides its customers with quality support throughout a systemu2019s lifetime. 

QuEST has the width of experience in Fleet and Service support and has executed a range of projects that involve major and minor modifications to fleet vehicles, modules and signaling systems. We have also supported customers with retrofit solutions and undertaken life extension as well as fleet refurbishment.

Our solutions encompass software upgrades, electro-mechanical systems upgrade, hardware system upgrades and we have supported our customers with service engineering repair, maintenance and overhaul solutions across multiple platforms.

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