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"Supporting world-leaders realize reliable, affordable and sustainable electric power systems. Accelerating their journey from conventional grid to smart & digital grid by embracing next-gen technologies and industry standards"


The challenges of the Power industry keep evolving. However, adapting to these challenges is essential to thrive in the new energy world. Organizations that focus on power generation, distribution and transmission are working hard to adjust to the new market realities and stringent compliance requirements.


Ageing power generation facilities require constant upgrade / retrofitting, maintenance and support to optimize the efficiency of their operations. At the same time, the demand and need for cleaner and sustainable energy and digital transformation of energy networks are growing by the day. Emergence of digital technologies necessitates automation and connectivity.


QuEST is committed to solving the challenges of the Power industry by accelerating design and development of power generation equipment, manufacturing, aftermarket services, asset management, control system designs, operations and maintenance optimization for some of the biggest equipment manufacturers of the world. We drive business outcomes using digital initiatives like Digital Manufacturing, Digital Grid, Energy Management, Digital Twin, Equipment Usage Monitoring, Surveillance, Monitoring and Control, Predictive Maintenance, Immersive Training and Real-Time Remote Maintenance Support.

Case studies

Sustaining and Enhancing -Transmission Management Suite

$10M per year for last three years

IED redesign for Digital Substation

Delivering ~250K savings per IED design

Smart Grid Applications (DERMS and DR) for two world leaders

Architecting the system to deliver intended performance

Substation Automation System sustenance, enhancement and stabilization

Delivering cumulative benefits of more than $20M

New Engineering Tool Development for MV/LV Engineering

Delivering cumulative benefits of more than $5M

Delivering Cumulative Benefits of above $30m

Partner for technology migration journey for DCS for power plants of a multinational OEM

Case studies

50% BTU Cost Reduction

Mechanical Design and Simulation: Propane Fuel System Design for an US based OEM

25% Unplanned Expenditure Reduction, 30% Increase in Availability

End-to-end condition-based Monitoring with analytics for a leading power manufacturer

$70,000 Natural Gas Savings Per Year, $280,000 Electricity Savings Per Year

Digital transformation: 15% reduction in gas and electricity consumption for a major museum

6,000 Man-Months Saved

Designed and developed a customized distributed control system for a multinational OEM

93% Customer Satisfaction

13,000+ man-hours of manufacturing support for a global OEM producing gas turbines. Customer satisfaction was 93% to 95% over 18 months

17% Backlog Reduction In 1st Month, 50% Backlog Reduction By Qtr End

Partnered with a power OEM to revise workflow processes for field aftermarket services

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