We, at QuEST Global, are always inspired by the unlimited potential of engineering to create new possibilities, introduce new experiences, and deliver new hope into the homes, communities, and daily lives of the people around us.


Our success comes from focusing on being a Trusted Thinking Partner of choice to our customers in finding new and better ways to make the world safer, more reliable, sustainable, and efficient. We are a global team of engineers deeply passionate about innovative solutions that bring our customers’ vision to life, while exceeding their expectations. We strive to not only solve challenges, but foresee and prevent them. We enable our customers to create new frontiers that improve and preserve the lives of countless people in remarkable ways.


Every day we help customers to transform the way they live, work, travel and engage with each other. And we welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.




  • Build Resilience
  • Embrace Change
  • Boost Growth
  • Encourage Ingenuity

How we help enterprises and their business models become more agile and resilient to master disruption and maintain momentum in volatile markets.

Redesigned an aircraft jet engine bearing housing thereby reducing weight and cost of manufacturing by 50%.


Improved operational efficiencies by implementing asset management and digital transformation solutions in the energy sector.


Innovating ways to make renewable energy affordable, safe, efficient, and reliable while making the world more livable by streamlining engineering and manufacturing processes.

How we enable digital transformation for organizations and make them future ready; how we help them harness data, rebuild business around customer needs, and create a truly connected enterprise.

Enhanced gaming and entertainment experience by designing silicon chips in the latest 5nm technology for a next generation AR/VR platform.


Advancing the surveillance and data technologies to pioneer new ideas that provide on-site and on-the-job expertise worldwide.


Enhanced driver experience by developing an autonomous parking solution for a tier-1 automotive software solution provider 

How we combine talent and technology to deliver enhanced customer experience, increase operational efficiency and gain competitive edge.

Works with a leading rolling stock manufacturer to redesign cabin interiors to improve the quality of driving and to ensure safer and more comfortable journeys.


Enabled customer’s commitment to providing a warm and comfortable environment for all newborns and infants in developing markets while successfully reducing the cost of ownership for the customer by 50%.


Developed Device-as-a-Service solution for enhancing productivity and enabling new revenue streams of over $1 billion.


Implemented DevOps for an enterprise system which reduced the deployment time from 3 weeks to 2 hours and provided an annual cost savings 1M$ for customer.

How we encourage ingenuity by applying technology to innovate and to get the big picture right every time.

Leveraging the convergence of engineering disciplines, experiences and developing future ready solutions, QuEST provides the opportunities to work on impactful, exciting, challenging and complex projects.


Like-minded global talent seamlessly coalesces to form a Local-Global engineering team for effective delivery of these solutions.


Fostering an ecosystem for innovation, to meet the challenges of our customers.

Build resilience. Embrace change. Boost growth. Encourage Ingenuity

Change and disruption have always been constants in the world of business, especially in dynamic, technology-oriented industries. Sometimes, change is incremental and at other times, it comes as a mammoth upheaval. Either way, organizations today need to build resilience, embrace change, and boost growth to meet the needs of their customers. On the same premises, innovative and enterprising leaders and businesses emerge through disruptive changes to build successful organizations that make a difference to the world we live in. 


Joining hands with these innovators, every Questian finds purpose in pursuing the next challenge, the next innovation, the next transformational idea that help create a more resilient human race. Every day, we think what we can do to help drive it. 


To add momentum to static ideas, to give wings to dreams, to breathe life into visions, at QuEST we are a team Born to Engineer a more sustainable world. As we continue to grow, we learn to embrace the collective intellect - to usher in a future that serves mankind in the best possible manner.


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