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Joy of Software Engineering

At QuEST, we bring you wholesome global engineering careers that are engaging, relevant, and fun. With absolutely no limits for your aspirations. We provide you with opportunities to create innovative solutions to realistic problems, rather than just mundane jobs. We help you to rediscover the joy of engineering.

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Technology and Innovation

Tech events, hackathons, innovation labs, collaboration with promising technology startups and academic initiatives with top engineering schools — we foster an ecosystem for innovation, to meet the challenges of our customers.

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Thought Leadership

"Build your career as you would raise a beautiful garden"
- Dr Ajay Prabhu - President, Technology Services, QuEST Global

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Questians Say

Each day brings in different challenges - be it data, analysis or client expectations – which I believe, is the driving factor behind the energetic feeling one gets each morning coming to work at QuEST. If you are a keen learner and are willing to put in that extra effort, you will never be discouraged.

We are in an exciting time, where clients have started to realize that data can be leveraged to better understand their businesses, and help their decision making processes. The scope of BI has grown exponentially and buzzwords like Machine Learning and Big Data are omnipresent. QuEST encourages innovation and agility, and provides opportunities to work in these cutting-edge technologies. So, it’s a great place to start building a space for yourself, right from the beginning.

- Puja Sree, Senior Software Engineer

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that QuEST has opportunities for those who truly aspire to go above and beyond. My favorite part of being a Questian is that I’ve always been given opportunities to learn new things and solve new problems. This is the first company I’ve worked for, that I truly believe, cares for people. Out of all of the culture pillars and core values / founder’s principles QuEST understands that none of these are possible without great people.

- Bryan Ashe, Project Manager


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Life @ QuEST

  • CSR #SmileEngineering
  • Fun at Work
  • Rewards & Recognition

In our endeavor to support education, we have initiated many steady programs and projects that cater to students of our adopted schools. Our CSR philosophy of Engineering Positive Change through Education is employee driven. Likewise, across the globe, our employees indulge in CSR initiatives that make a difference to the community.

While passion plays an important role at work, we also indulge in activities that help us relax and recharge. Festive get-togethers, holiday celebrations, sports & socials or just a day out with colleagues and families, Questians participate in fun and rejuvenating exercises.

The extra step taken beyond and above the call of duty hardly goes unnoticed. Questians who make a difference with their passion, dedication and contribution are recognized and appreciated ceremoniously. We believe that a pat on the back does more than a motivational speech.

Our Culture

Leader Speak

Feel the power that comes from doing what excite you. I am passionate about engineering. Are you? 

- Raman Subramanian

How We Learn

Global Learning Model

At QuEST, we believe that self-development is a life-long journey. For us, learning, growing, and sharing knowledge is an integral part of our culture. We make sure that our associates enjoy a positive work environment that celebrates opportunity and cherishes shared experiences. In this dynamic world of technological innovations, we are constantly exploring opportunities to create new solutions, solve customer problems, and become a game changer in the industry. Our learning solutions empower you to lead this change, and help you get where you need to be. The programs have been designed to nurture leadership capability, technology readiness, and cultural intelligence. QuEST is a place to learn and grow without limitations, develop expertise, collectively achieve aspirations and experience a rewarding journey – and we are committed to making this journey all the more exciting for you. Take the first step, and join QuEST.

It's not just a job. It's an opportunity to engineer a new world.

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