Arguably, innovative technologies have been the driving force in transforming human lives beyond imagination. Unprecedented and radical technology disruptions continue to push the boundaries of human imagination every single day. As a trusted thinking partner for all digital transformation needs, we provide services and solutions that are driven by an approach towards “digitize, servitize and customize”. The aim is to help customers to be prepared for the next disruption.


At QuEST, we deliver end-to-end engineering solutions across product development, product lifecycle management and digital transformation to help leading OEMs, Tier-1s and industry leaders realize the full value of innovative digital technologies, platforms and digital strategies in a cost-effective way.

Multi-disciplinary Product Engineering

  • Intelligent Devices
  • Intelligent Equipment’s
  • Smart edge

Digital Transformation Solutions

  • IoT solutions & XaaS
  • Predictive Maintenance & Digital Twin
  • Analyse and visualize large data

Technology Solutions

  • AI/ML/DL, Vision Analytics
  • Big data, Security, Blockchain
  • AR/VR

Enterprise Applications

  • Transformation and modernization
  • Cloud solutions
  • Data engineering and platform services

Hi-Tech Solution Demonstrations at CES 2022

Accelerate your power to Connect

The QuEST IoT accelerator platform enables customers to build flexible solutions and accelerate their digital transformation journey & help them envisage new business models, deliver enhanced customer experiences and improve overall efficiency.

  • Cloud-agnostic & Distributed Cloud
  • Digital Twin capabilities
  • Edge AI & Vision Analytics
  • FOTA and Reconfigurable Edge

Rethink your workflow with automation

The robust Deep Learning based Workflow Automation Tool from QuEST, automates tasks involved in the development of computer vision applications at various stages like train, validate, evaluate and deploy using deep learning modules.

  • On Cloud, with expandable AI capabilities
  • Streamlined and cost-effective workflow for model creation
  • Productivity Improvement and Custom Model creation
  • Configuration of GPU for model training


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