From being a fancy, futuristic technology to seamlessly assimilating in our daily lives, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has well and truly arrived. Voice-powered personal assistants, like Siri and Alexa to advanced Chatbots, Robo-advisors and Self-Driving vehicles, all are different applications of AI that can rapidly change the way we work, live and indulge. While Artificial Intelligence is often misunderstood for any machine learning algorithm, the true essence of it is when machines and systems can analyse user behaviour, make connections and comprehend rich meanings without relying on pre-defined behavioral algorithms and improve on past iterations.

Artificial Intelligence, which is an umbrella that covers the more specific technologies of Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML), is rapidly becoming a mainstay as organizations aim to leverage greater competitiveness, business efficiencies and enter new markets. This is proven by a Forrester Research which indicates that by the end of 2017 business investment in Artificial Intelligence will grow by 300%. Also, organizations investing in Artificial Intelligence will have a marked edge and will have the potential to tap $1.2 trillion per year from their non-AI driven peers.

With QuEST Global as an Artificial Intelligence engineering and research partner, global organizations can leverage the tremendous opportunities that AI provides and ensure that they maximize its returns. QuEST has the capabilities in key areas like enabling pilot projects, tackling select industry challenges and developing new business concept prototypes.

Nvidia Jetson

Image Processing

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Natural Language Processing

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  • Consulting
  • Implementation & Deployment
  • Maintenance

  • Need & Data Analysis: Problem statement definition dataset analysis
  • Recommendation: Technology selection and solution approach documentation
  • Roadmap: Documentations of solution roadmap, benefit seen

  • Network Selection: Select algorithm or customize
  • Train Network: With available dataset, view performance, fine tune
  • Deploy: On Cloud, Local Setup

  • Re-Train: Iterate training with more data
  • Re-Tune: Iterate performance tuning of network
  • Port / Migrate Solutions: To different cloud setup

Our Approach

QuEST’s Octa-Layer Analysis approach is applied for in-depth requirement analysis of AI and for deciding the technology best practices for solution realization.

Why QuEST?

With a legacy in device-to-cloud engineering services coupled with core software engineering capabilities, QuEST Global is favourably positioned to be the preferred AI partner for the world’s leading organizations. For example, QuEST is already NVIDIA’s Preferred Service Delivery Partner for AI and Deep Learning competency area.

QuEST Offers Proven Skillsets in

  • Artificial and Deep Learning Networks
  • Back Propagation
  • Training and Inference
  • Various Activations
  • Data Pre-processing
  • Fully Connected, CNN, RNN, LSTM, FCNExperience in Multiple Computing Frameworks
  • TensorFlow, Torch, CNTK, Caffe, Keras

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