As the Head of Innovation at QuEST, Krish aims to nurture a culture of developing disruptive strategies, platforms and solutions that can solve real world challenges for businesses across domains. 

In his current role as Head of Innovation, Krish will be working closely with various stakeholders to develop a strategy to inculcate a culture of innovation and enable development of innovative solutions and help QuEST’s customers differentiate and lead the curve through emerging technologies.

A serial entrepreneur and thought leader, Krish is a veteran at aligning business strategy and technology with the acumen to drive innovations, from concept to execution. Former CEO of Mobiliya, Krish leads the innovation capabilities at QuEST by the virtue of QuEST’s acquisition of Mobiliya. 

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Krish brings in more than 25 years of experience of building and growing companies and new markets. Over the years, Krish has successfully built, invested and incubated several innovative ideas and start-ups. He has a track record of executing a host of start-ups, business turnarounds, and implementing high-growth models, capital raising and successful exits. 

As an industry leader, Krish has been published and quoted in several leading publications such as Slashdot, TechCrunch, Training Magazine, Small Business Computing and TechTarget. Krish is also a mentor and advisor at various startups and venture funds.